Stay weird, peeps.


To my fellow free spirits,

I’m sitting here on this sun lounge out on my balcony, watching the sun set over the tree tops in the distance. It is the most picturesque view one could ever imagine, the sun is golden, the breeze is slightly cool, and the sky is the lightest shade of baby blue. It’s quite frankly, a perfect scene, and I’m so glad to be sitting here, watching it, feeling it, being part of it. Sure I’m typing this out, so my attention isn’t completely focused on the scenery, but I like to capture what I’m feeling during these moments of immense bliss, so sue me. ❤

Any way, as I’m sitting here watching this immensely awe-inspiring sun get lower and the colour of the sky change every so slightly as each second passes, it’s made me think about the feeling of being free. Here, right at this very moment, I feel unbelievably at peace and utterly free. I want to feel like this forever, and in coming to this realisation, I’m sending this out into the virtual universe to tell all who read it, to do all that’s in their power to remain true and free. This life is Continue reading “Stay weird, peeps.”


Fuck normal.

It’s so hard when it feels like you have such vastly different opinions to the rest of society. When the way you’ve just naturally come to the view the world as you’ve grown up in it and the way in which you wish live your life, seems to constantly clash with the ideas of even those nearest and dearest to you.

I don’t know when it started to happen, because I’ve been told that defiance has always run hot in my blood. But acting out as a teenager is a rite passage, and this has always felt like something different. Over the past couple of years what everyone else views as normal, I just spend my time questioning why it’s just blindly adhered to. I’m a *semi* sane twenty-two year old with her head screwed on right, and naivety leaving the party many years ago. So how can it be that Continue reading “Fuck normal.”

Road trips: Good for the soul

Hectic city life? Experiencing a quarter life crisis? Need a change of scenery? Well the best elixir for you’re situation could very well be hightailing it the hell out of there, and adopting a rather adventurous hobby that many have taken on throughout time, and that is the art of road-tripping. Now bare with me for a moment, but the simplicity of this answer is key to why it’s so effective.

I don’t know when I became so obsessed with the whole concept of road trips, or when it grew to be such a predominant part of my life. But living in Australia, I’m lucky enough to have the most wickedly awesome destinations Continue reading “Road trips: Good for the soul”


283bd66c7d713f8aecae9b3e0e9af708It’s strange experiencing this feeling, almost as if your heart is in agony. It’s this pain that isn’t really a pain, like a sort of tugging in the pit of your stomach. Its butterflies but in a more intense form. The first indication that the attraction you feel, this feeling that inexplicably draws you to a particular person, has become something more, something deeper.

You sit in your room, alone with your thoughts, in complete darkness. Listening to music that seems to resonate completely with the way that you’re feeling, and you can’t help but think about him. Every stupidly annoying yet completely compelling Continue reading “him.”

Hello lovers.

Well hey there all you wonderfully eccentric human beans,

*Yes I meant to say that.*


Now I know I’ve been MIA for over a month now and to the small number of followers I have on here, I am sorry. But I wanted to catch you guys up on what I’ve been up to and why I haven’t been giving this blog the proper love and attention it deserves – so bear with me I have a point coming somewhere in this post. So after I graduated a couple of months ago, I realised that I was no longer able to live the lazy life: you know the one of only getting up to go to lectures, finishing assignments the night before they’re due, living off crap food and obscene amounts of coffee – basically the typical uni student life.

But I wasn’t a uni student anymore… Continue reading “Hello lovers.”

Her Solitude.


The lights are off.

She remains oblivious to anything beyond the darkness.
It provides a certain level of peace, like if she clears her mind, she can almost will herself to believe that nothing else exists.

It’s only when the single hanging globe above her is switched on, and the artificial lighting illuminates the room, shedding light on her reality.
A room filled with missed opportunities strewn all over the floor, in the form of once Continue reading “Her Solitude.”

Nominated for the Liebster Award!

bambeenee.com_Hello beautiful human beings,

This week I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the amazing Kelly Landis! It was an exciting surprise, so thanks so much girl! Definitely go check out her blog Pink Hearts and Smiles, her positivity radiates from every post and its definitely the place to go for a little creative inspiration.

So, the Rules for this Tag are:
Continue reading “Nominated for the Liebster Award!”